Re-use Record

I’ve just hit a new record for the number of times I’ve reused an item: the humble bag from a sliced loaf.

So, it went like this:

Use 1. To hold a loaf of bread

Use 2. To hold my lunch on the way to work

Use 3. To line the pot at work, where folk put their composting (tea bags, coffee grinds, etc.), which I then take home to my composter.

Use  4. To hold dog poo between garden ‘poo patrol’ and the bin.

Next challenge is to find an alternative 4th that allows a 5th, or perhaps I should amend step 4, as I think the bag is recyclable and I ended up landfilling it.

Hmmmm. Food for thought…


One thought on “Re-use Record

  1. ellisnjones says:

    this blog is awesome!! do it again!!!

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