Egg Box Seed Starters

I spotted a tip on Facebook the other day, suggesting the use of old and empty egg boxes to start seeds in. The idea being that once the seedlings are large enough to plant out, each egg box section can be cut out and planted up and the cardboard sections act like coir pots, with the roots just growing right through them.

So, I gave it a go, with my own addition of some string to hang the box up in the window, to maximise available light and heat.

Stage 1: Gather materials

1. A old length of string
2. An egg box
3. A pair of scissors


Stage 2: Make the planter

1. Cut the top off the egg box.
2. Cut a small hole in the peak(s) of the base of the box.
3. Feed the string through the hole (with a large knot on the other end, to stop it slipping through the hole).
4. Fill the egg recesses with potting compost, seed, and water.


Stage 3: Hang in the window! Done!


Too early to report on how well these work but I have a few now, with herbs, chillies and bell peppers starting in them, so I’ll update ASAP! 🙂

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