I decided to start this blog as a diary of my efforts in my veggie garden. Partly so I can look back in future seasons, to see what I did when and, more importantly if it worked. The other part is to share with others the bit about my approach, which is perhaps a little different to the average veggie gardener:

My aim in my garden is to grow as much of my own food as possible, as cheaply as possible and, wherever possible, re-using or recycling, to make it as low cost and low-impact as I can.

The whole idea is fuelled by various different things: a general lack of money on my part; concerns about the future of the economy and the environment; a love of growing and eating food and a wish to utilise some of the waste I see around me in a positive way; amongst others.

The sorts of topics that may be covered in this blog are home composting, propagation, chemical-free pest repellents, reusing waste to make useful gardening implements, land-sharing, seed sharing and produce sharing schemes and ideas, and many more.

I am lucky enough to live in a (rented) house with a big garden, which includes a medium sized veggie plot, which when we moved in, required a little taming. The whole garden was (and still is!) largely unkempt, in fact, which has allowed me to stick pots, growbags, lean-to’s, poly tunnels, etc. in where I like, without impacting too much on existing flower beds. I have also been lucky in this house, as the previous owner was clearly a herb lover and has left mint, lemon-balm, rosemary, fennel, oregano and chives behind, for me to make the most of. We also have the bulk of a greengage tree overhanging from next door, an apple tree (russet), a wild cherry tree and a hand-me-down strawberry patch, which is probably in it’s last (3rd) year of decent fruit yield. There are also wild strawberry patches dotted about the place, which the kids love to plunder (sometimes, even when the fruit is ripe!).

I will be sometimes assisted by my wife, Sophie and our two children, Tilly and Isaac; and will be generally hampered by our dog, Titch!

I hope that helps to set the context of this blog and that some of the content will be of interest to you. I’d love to hear of others’ experiences or tips, so please do leave comments, or send emails. I will try to reply to any questions and will always be interested to hear any input.

A Google calendar, tracking some key dates for planting, harvesting, brewing, etc. can be found below.




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