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Lolly Rosso

I’ve had some old lolly bottles kicking around at work for some time, waiting for a chance to reuse them in the garden. I was initially thinking cloches for little seedlings but I saw a YouTube video on Facebook of some guy’s hanging garden, made of  waste water bottles and was inspired to do some planting in them.

I was thinking of doing something like the hanging system in the link above but don’t really have anywhere stable enough outside to erect it, so I had to rethink.

I decided to keep the principle of turning plastic bottles into pots for salad leaf and set to work with a stanley knife.

I first knocked some holes in the lids with a hammer and nail. This was tricky, as the plastic lid was very brittle and the holes became cracks. If I had a drill, it would have been very useful at this point! I then turned the bottles upside down (lid down) and cut D-shaped windows in each side with the stanley knife.

I filled the bottles about half full,  to two inches below the bottom of the D-shaped windows, with home made compost and vermiculite. I then sowed some rocket and baby leaf salad mix in them.

Three of the bottle planters are used like normal pots and stand on my table in the garden. I had a bit of wire kicking about in my tool box, so I made a handle for the forth planter, making it an individual hanging version, which can hang on the trampoline frame.

Finally, to protect the roots of the salad from sunlight, I painted the bottom half of the bottles with some blue tile paint that I had kicking around in the shed.

With the remaining plastic above the soil level acting like a mini greenhouse,  the seeds germinated really quickly and all four of the planters are already getting full of little seedlings.


Pilfered Perspex

Okay, so not pilfered in the sense of stealing but definitely a top freebie find.

Having spotted some huge (2m wide x 1.5m high) sheets of perspex at work, looking like they were soon to be landfill, I soon found out that they were up for grabs, so grab I did.

I managed to get 3 of them back home on my roof rack and set about making something out of them with the kids.

I’d been wanting to make a lean-to for a couple of weeks, since witnessing how much more bushy my sister-in-law’s chilli plants were, when located in one; even in the wilds of Anglesey! I’d been pondering all day how to make something useable out of huge, flat sheets, when I didn’t have any decent perspex tools. I finally managed to coble together something, by heavily scoring one of the sheets and then snapping it (roughly) along the scores. It needs some filing down to make it work properly but here it is so far:

Reclaimed Perspex Lean-To

At the moment, it has some material from an old material green house blocking off a gap at the top. I might shorten the sides and make a pespex top, instead, as the material solution isn’t ideal,  particularly in the wind.

I’ve got some salad lead seedlings, my chilli plants and some herbs that are just germinating in there at the moment. I’ve definitely noticed a real improvement in the salad leaf growth, so it must be working.

I plan to make a more airtight and funky version, probably hinged, once I can get my head round it, so watch this space:             !